Authentic. Versatile. International.

This brand, which was founded in Amsterdam in 1985, originally started out as a strictly menswear label, but has since also made a name for itself in women’s fashion and accessories. The brand’s design philosophy is to surprise and delight. Every season, designers travel the world in search of the unique. They return home with the their finds, which they then incorporate into the collections.

More about Scotch & Soda

Paying homage to the brand’s versatile and adventurous nature, the multi-faceted eyewear collection sports exceptional details and an authentic aesthetic that make this eyewear unique. The prescription eyewear and sunglasses embody everything that is typical of Scotch & Soda, with great attention to detail as a sign of care and quality. The styles encourage the customer to go on a journey of discovery and be inspired.

Scotch & Soda Eyewear