Bernhard Müller-Menrad

In memory of Bernhard Müller-Menrad, a successful and passionate entrepreneur and loving family man, who passed away in Berg at the Starnberger See at the age of 87.

Bernhard Müller-Menrad married the granddaughter Doris of the company founder Ferdinand Menrad and managed the Menrad company for many years with a dedication that was second to none.

His entrepreneurial talent became apparent early on, and so at the age of just 30 he took over the management of the company together with his brother-in-law Ulrich Fischer.

Bernhard Müller-Menrad knew how to combine tradition and innovation. He preserved the values and quality that had distinguished Menrad for generations and at the same time led the company into the modern age. His commitment and determination were evident in numerous successful decisions that brought the company safely through difficult times.

Even after his retirement from active management, he remained loyal to the company as an advisor and supported his sons Hermann and Eberhard, who took over the management in the 1990s, with his knowledge and ideas.  He was not only a role model as an entrepreneur, but also as a family father and mentor.

Our thoughts are with the family Müller-Menrad at this difficult time. On behalf of the entire workforce, we express our deepest condolences.