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04.04.2016Great Britain’s first European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Major Timothy Peake blasted off into space to join the crew of the International Space Station (ISS) on 15 December 2015. Whilst they explore changes in the earth’s atmosphere, growing concern over our fragile ozone layer links to a burning issue here on planet earth…

We’ve seen many incredible pictures from Tim and the ISS-team beamed back to earth over the past months. However worries over the state of our atmosphere and the ever thinning ozone layer continue to grow. As a part of this the topic of eye health has become more prominent in today’s active lifestyle. Worry not; a new sunglass brand has emerged from the stars to protect our most valuable asset - and in serious style!

REVO sunglasses have been designed using NASA coating technologies from the space helmet and satellites sun protection system

REVO continues to be recognised for its pioneering polarised lens technology and frame innovation that was originally developed alongside RayBan.

REVO brings true heritage to the active lifestyle. Today’s expressive collection offers definitive frame styling and performance forged with the world’s leading optical lens clarity.


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REVO, already known for offering market leading technologies with great frame styling, has taken UV protective value to a whole new world. Introducing ‘NASA developed’ world leading polarised UV500 lens technology that incorporates High Energy Blue Light (HEV) management coatings. The HEV newly recognised artificial light wave is damaging to our retina and and can contribute to Age Related Macular Degeneration / AMD.

For every REVO sold-purchased the brand will donate $10 towards helping eradicate unnecessary blindness in the developing world in conjunction with charity partners The Brien Holden Vision Institute. So who better to face REVO’s ‘Buy Vision, Give Sight’ program than the great activist and charity crusader himself music legend BONO - lead singer of U2. Bono’s own well documented personal battle with glaucoma makes him the ideal frontman for this campaign. By the way, one of the three songs Tim chose to be played for him during launch was U2´s “Beautiful Day”.

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