ZEST FOR LIFE – Enjoy life with DAVIDOFF Eyewear


Zino Davidoff is a family owned business, which was formed in 1980 in Basel, Switzerland.

The founder Zino Davidoff, a truly global citizen and master of the art of living, has always been the inspiration for the values that influence the brand philosophy. They are reflected in the finest quality, perfect aesthetics, authenticity and a cultivated lifestyle.

The essence of the Davidoff world finds expression in the maxim "Zest for Life" and represents the appreciation for the beauty found in the simple things in life and the desire to share precious moments with other people.

Today, the Davidoff name is a global synonym for enjoyment, quality, timeless style, success and zest for life. Davidoff is a premium lifestyle brand for the modern, active man. He is cultivated, self-confident, open and is characterized by good taste.



The DAVIDOFF Eyewear collection represents excellent quality, a sure sense of style and international design – it is the result of ambition to constantly strive for the utmost perfection. Restrained elegance, subtly adapted trends and materials of superior quality characterize the expressiveness of the DAVIDOFF frames. The essence of this contemporary spirit is also expressed through the reinterpretation of numerous retro elements in the DAVIDOFF eyewear collection. In combination with features typical of the brand and trendy influences, the exquisite aesthetics of the lifestyle brand become clear. The cool and timeless look conveys casualness and natural elegance. One focus of the designs is on the lightness and comfort of the eyewear. Noble decorations and exclusive detail solutions are elaborately incorporated and underline the unmistakable DAVIDOFF style.



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